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Resource Center

Welcome to our resource center, where we have all the resources for your printing and copying needs! Printing is not always as simple as pushing a button and receiving a copy from one end of a machine. There is so much more that goes into the process that it is undoubtedly an art form in itself. There is pre and post-file preparation which can involve many steps to achieve the final desired result. Below are some areas that we hope will help to answer some of the questions you may have.
Book Binding
The type of binding selected is usually based on the function of the document, the number of pages it contains and the printing budget. Give us a call if you are not sure what finish is right for you.
Digital VS Offset Printing!
Make sure your files are correct before sending to print.
Web Images Are Bad!
A general overview of why web images don't print well.
Common File Mistakes!
Make sure your files are correct before sending them to print.
Helpful Hints!
Helpful hints to keep those design & print costs down.
Creating Pdfs!
A guide on creating pdf files from settings to savings!
Vector Vs. Raster Images!
What is a VECTOR vs. RASTER and why is it important?
Why Use Us For Design?
Top 10 reasons to use one of our graphic designers.
Printing Jargon!
What do all these crazy print words mean?